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Fresh Coast Salt Therapy

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Fresh Coast Salt Therapy


Breathe in anti-inflammatory salt particles


Relax in a controlled negative ion environment to calm cellular distress


Restore homeostasis and enjoy the benefits of a calm immune system


Fresh Coast Salt Therapy

917 N. Orleans St.

Chicago, IL 60610

Mon - Fri, 8am - 7pm
Saturday, 8am - 4pm
Sunday, 8am - 3pm

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This was a really cool experience!! We walked in and were immediately welcomed with a great tutorial about what we could expect and different ways to take advantage of the salt (breathe in through the nose for sinus relief, breathe in through the mouth for chest congestion/asthma relief). Sitting there listening to ocean waves made it feel like I was laying on the beach, and those anti-gravity chairs are SO comfortable. It really was the best way to treat myself after a long week. But what most surprised me was the effect the salt had; while I went in feeling good, like there wasn't anything in particular I needed to "address" with the salt, within minutes of leaving I could feel my chest clearing out congestion I didn't even realize I had. My skin felt so soft too! I'll definitely be back--it's a really quick and cost effective way to feel better.

Haley M.

Now this was truly great. Clean, welcoming atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff that walked me through the process. I used a meditation playlist and went in for the treatment.  The results were awesome, not only could I FEEL my lungs/throat opening up, but the after effects of BABY SOFT skin for the next 3 days was a great result, especially for a chronic dry skin person like myself. 
I'm in the fitness business and would surely recommend this to my clients to add to their recovery arsenal, as the benefit from improved breathing and air flow is often overlooked and underused.  Get in and try it out, you won't regret it.

Ryan T.

A healthy chance to escape from our busy life!  The room is so relaxing and clean.  I love how it makes my skin feel.  I will definitely go back often. 
Reduce stress and energize, yes!

Connie R.

So excited about this place, I've been twice so far and it is so relaxing. I have been dealing with allergies and being that I am pregnant I can not take over the counter allergy medicine so this is my new natural way to help with allergy relief plus it offers such a relaxing 45 minutes for me to just chill from the outside world. 

You sit in a room that consists of salt floors and a beautiful salt wall that lights up blue. After you get settled into your comfy chair, cover up with the soft blanket and choose some tunes on the headphones they provide, salt starts to disperse into the air. After a few minutes you can taste it on your lips! 

I will for sure be back and excited to pass on the word about salt therapy right here in our neighborhood.

Dani W.