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  • What is Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy, also referred to Salt Therapy, is a drug-free holistic therapy that helps in treating respiratory conditions such as; allergies, asthma, cough, cold, flu, cystic fibrosis, sinus infections, sinusitis, snoring, sleep problems, rhinitis, hay fever, and emphysema.  In addition, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt therapy effectively treat skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Salt Therapy can enhance sports performance and improve lung function by increasing respiratory efficiency.  It has no serious side effects and helps strengthen your immune system. 

  • How does it work?

Dry micronized salt particles are dispersed into a controlled environment room.  A negative ion and antibacterial environment is created by the salt on the walls and floor.  You just sit back and relax in a calming salt room listening to guided meditation or relaxing music with low level mood lighting.  Clinical studies have shown that salt therapy reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract and can aid in the clearing of mucous and other inflammation causing particulate.

  • What conditions can benefit from Salt Therapy?

The list of conditions that have shown improvement with Salt Therapy is ever increasing but primarily can be thought of as any conditions that may be improved by relieving inflammation in the respiratory tract and dermal layer of the skin.  This reduction in inflammation can lead to improvements in general immune system response by breaking the inflammatory cycle perpetuated by many chronic and acute conditions.


  • What should I expect to experience at Fresh Coast Salt Therapy?

  • On your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Salt Therapy sessions begin promptly at the top of the hour.  Sessions are 45 minutes and once started, no one can enter the salt room.
  • Please wear (bring) socks, NO SHOES allowed in the salt room.  
  • Dress comfortable; however, no special attire is required for the treatment.  If you have skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis, try to expose those areas by wearing tank top or light T-shirt and shorts.  
  • During your session you will be provided noise cancelling headphones, mp3 player (pre-loaded with guided meditation and relaxing music), and light blanket.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or fragrances in the salt room.
  • NO food or drinks are allowed in the salt room.
  • NO cellphones are allowed in the salt room during therapy.  
  • Please be mindful of others who try to meditate or relax.  


  • How often should I come?

The results vary greatly among individuals and conditions being addressed.  Some conditions and milder symptoms may improve or dissipate after just a couple sessions, you may even feel relief after a single session.  For best results we recommend a series of treatments.  For chronic conditions and more severe symptoms several sessions may be recommended for the first 6-8 weeks.  For stress relief and relaxation simply come as often as you like.  For many conditions, after a series of treatments, relief may last for several months before another visit is necessary.  Salt Therapy can also be utilized as a preventative measure to strengthen the immune system against inflammation, cold, flu, and sinusitis.

  • What clothing should be worn in the salt room?

Standard street clothes are appropriate for Salt Therapy and are to be worn throughout the 45 minute treatment.  We do ask that you wear a clean pair of socks into the salt room as NO SHOES are allowed in the salt room.  The temperature is maintained at a standard room temperature and there are light blankets available in the salt room for your comfort.  If you have skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis we recommend you wear shorts and light t-shirt or tank top to expose your skin to the salt air as much as possible.

  • Are there side effects?

Typically there are none.  Rarely individuals that are highly sensitive may experience slight skin irritation or red patches; however, this goes away after a few sessions.  If you experience increased coughing due to mucous buildup that means the salt therapy treatment is working.  This is the body's natural way of draining the mucous buildup.

  • Is Salt Therapy safe for children?

Salt Therapy is safe for children.  There are no potentially harmful side effects.  The treatment is completely natural and children often respond to treatment quicker than adults. 

  • Is Salt Therapy safe for pregnant women?

Salt Therapy is safe for pregnant women who do not want to rely heavily on over-the-counter or prescribed medication for sinusitis, asthma, allergies, or other respiratory illnesses.  In addition, the ionized salt particles help boost their immune system.